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Has your Pension lost money?

There are approximately £10 billion worth of mis-sold pensions in the UK!  It is believed that this will be even bigger than the PPI scandal.


 Estimations are that there are thousands of people that are eligible for compensation for

mis-sold pensions.

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Check Mark - Case Won

Mr. M received bad advice to transfer his British Steel Pension.


He was awarded £48,773 compensation.

Mr. D received bad advice to transfer his British Steel Pension.


He was awarded £85,000 compensation.

Check Mark - Case Won
Check Mark - Case Won

Mr. P was mis-sold shares and lost £7,225.


He was awarded £16,898 compensation.

Mis-Sold Pensions

& SIPP Claims


If you used any of the following companies for pension or investment advice then there is a chance you are due compensation.


  • 1 Stop Financial Services.
  • Acklam Financial Ltd.
  • Active Finance (Scotland) Ltd.
  • Active Wealth (UK) Ltd.
  • Alderley Asset Management Ltd.
  • Aspen Financial Planning.
  • Asquith Hart Financial Management LLP.
  • Baker Wainwright.
  • Bank House Invesment Management Ltd.
  • Bartholomew Hawkins Ltd t/a Turris Port Wealth Management Ltd.
  • Blakemore Wealth Management Ltd.
  • Blue Infinitas.
  • British Credit Trust Holdings Ltd.
  • Build Your Wealth Ltd.
  • Cherish Wealth Management.
  • Choices Financial Services Ltd.
  • CIB Life & Pensions Ltd.
  • Crossbrook Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  • Cumulus Investment Management Ltd.
  • DK Consulting Ltd, formerly Plan65 Ltd t/a Davidson Rae Financial Management.
  • Douglas Baillie Ltd.
  • Estate Matters Financial Ltd t/a Pension Matters.
  • Fiducia Wealth Solutions Ltd formerly Regen Investments Ltd.
  • Financial Page Ltd.
  • Henderson Carter Associates Ltd.
  • Hennessy Jones.
  • Hyde Financial Management Ltd formerly Imperial Wealth Management Ltd.
  • Independent Benefit Consultancy.
  • Kingsland Financial Management.
  • Knightsbridge Financial Management.
  • Kynaston-Carnoustie Financial Consultancy.
  • Luapkram Limited (Ashton Hoyle).
  • Mansion Park Ltd, t/a Mansion Park Scotland, David Head MPL, Michael J Alexander.
  • Moneywise Financial Advisors Ltd.
  • My IFA Friend.
  • Pengwern Wealth Management.
  • Pentagon (UK) Ltd t/a, Eurodebt Financial Services.
  • Precise Advice Partnership LLP.
  • Real SIPP.
  • S&M Hughes t/a Crescent Financial.
  • SFIA Ltd.
  • Shah Wealth Management.
  • Solicitors Financial Services (Central Scotland) Ltd t/a Equity Financial Services.
  • Strachan and Windram.
  • Total Wealth Solutions Ltd.


If you have received and acted upon unsuitable pension advice, it is likely you will have either, lost money intended for retirement or lost guaranteed benefits associated with a final salary pension, or both.


There are many circumstances in which unsuitable pension advice can occur.

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Defined Benefit Scheme Transfers


Defined benefit of Final salary schemes provide guaranteed, protected rights that will usually provide a lump sum of money and income for life.  Transferring out of these types of schemes will mean losing those benefits and taking on the risk of managing your own pension funds.


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) conducted a review in 2018 of a sample of defined benefit pension transfers conducted by regulated firms.  Based upon the cases they reviewed, they concluded that it was extremely likely that the advice received was unsuitable and have requested data from every firm.


If you were advised to transfer out of a workplace pension scheme it is the duty of the IFA and SIPP provider to determine whether you are a 'retail' or 'sophisticated' investor.


It is their responsibility to determine what the impact would be on you if you lost some or all of your investment and the level of risk that is suitable for your situation.


If any of the following is applicable to you, please fill out the contact form so that a claims management specialist can evaluate your claim.


  • Did the IFA claim that they had a lot other clients who were also investing in the particular product they were offering?
  • Were you offered fantastic returns that seemed almost too good to be true?
  • Were you told that the "opportunity" would only be available for a limited time?
  • Was the IFA keen to find a lot of investment opportunities for you, as soon as you opened your SIPP?
  • Did the IFA make multiple calls to you?
  • Has the IFA since stopped calling you and disappeared?

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Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)


SIPPs allow an individual to take control of the investments within their own pension.  These are typically used by business owners looking to invest in property for their own business use or experienced investors who want to take an active role in their investments or wish to hold individual shares.


SIPPs can hold direct investments in company shares, land, commercial property and a variety of non-standard or obscure investments which carry a high level of risk.  The product charges can also be significantly higher than normal and ultimately impact the performance of the investments.


Due to these factors, SIPPS are unsuitable for many standard investors and due to the schemes flexibility, it has also been used to either facilitate scams or by firms wishing to offer clients unregulated investments that mights offer commissions that are excessive and inappropriate.


Examples of non-standard or unregulated high risk investments are:

  • Plots of land (no planning permission).
  • Diamonds.
  • Fine Wine.
  • Carbon Credits.
  • Overseas Land.
  • Unregulated High-Income corporate bonds.
  • Unregulated overseas investments.
  • High Risk Shares and Funds.


If you were advised to transfer into a SIPP or to use it to invest in an unregulated or high risk investment, register with us today.

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Mis sold pensions

Frozen, Dormant Or Lost Pensions


A dormant or "frozen" pension refers to an old workplace pension that you are no longer paying into.  If you have changed jobs a few times, it is possible that you have a few frozen pensions out there.  It is important to track these down as they could be incurring hefty fees.


Lost pensions are similar in as much as you could have been part of a company's pension plan, but no longer have the details.  These can still be found and put to work for you.




Frozen Pensions & Compensation


People with frozen or dormant pensions have been targeted in the past by unscrupulous companies through direct mail or telemarketing that persuade you into transferring the frozen pension into a SIPP so that you can then use it to purchase the investment they are offering.  This was particularly common with companies that were offering unregulated investments.  Typically these investments proved to be worthless and investors lost their pensions.


Examples of these unregulated investments are shown above.


If you were approached by a company that advised you to transfer your frozen or dormant pension into a SIPP so that you could invest in their regulated or unregulated investment, you could be entitled to compensation for your losses.  Join the thousands of people that have gotten their money back for a mis sold pension.


Start the process today by registering with us so that a pension claims expert can contact you for a FREE evaluation of your case.

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